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Welcome back to a new update of my life!

Despite the fact that there’s not a lot of news, many things happened in the past month. 

One of the biggest is probably that my older host sister got married. She decided to have a small wedding party with her closest friends and family. As a venue she picked a cute, small farm in the middle of nowhere. That’s where the picture above was taken. Because we are living in the very South of the United States, there are some customs and traditions here, which people from the more northern states would probably marvel at. The best example of “Southern Style” are cowboy boots. Probably about 70% of the people, I’ve met here, own at least one pair of boots. Sooo of course, when I realized, that everybody was going to wear those boots, I literally had to attend the engagement party as a half cowgirl.

The same day, we (Amanda, Paige, Sara and I) had to get some stuff from Walmart. As we entered the store, we noticed giant Easter bunny costumes and Sara and I spontaneously chose to try them on.

It must have been hilarious to watch how, from one second to another, a dozen of kids came running towards us. So, Amanda and Paige just couldn’t stop laughing, while Sara and I took pictures and gave out hugs.

Since swim season is unfortunately over, we had a banquet last week, where all the team members sat together again and looked back to the great season, we had together.

In this picture you can see me and my swim coach MJ. She was also my cross country coach, so I already knew her before swim season. She is just great! Usually, I had to ride the (yellow ;) ) school bus home from the meets and MJ always let us stop on the way to get food. I loved that!! She’s a big part of my year and I already miss the practices and meets with her.

March seems to be a month where a lot of people have their birthdays. Here two examples:

On Sara’s birthday we went to a restaurant, that is known for its huge, extravagant milkshakes. We each ordered one and didn’t even need to eat any actual food to leave the restaurant stuffed.
This morning, we got up 5:30 am to go to Waffle House before school, because it was our friends birthday. That was fun, but 5:30 is really earlyyy.

As to the rest, I continue hanging out with my friends, going to soccer and baseball games every now and then, and I even started tanning in the sun!!

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    Daddy (Saturday, 23 March 2019 08:32)

    Hello my Dear!

    Nice, nice.... a lot of pictures and many thanks for your explanations.

    I wish you a really great time with a lot of good experiance in YOUR area.

    Best wishes to your host family and friends from „old Buxte-Town“.

    Bussi Dad