Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everybody!

I think it’s time for a little life update again! 

I’ve had a lot going on lately so I didn’t really find the time to write a new blog entry. With the new year, we got to pick new classes at school. This semester I’m taking Team Sports (PE), Algebra 2 (Math), Spanish and Chemistry. Fortunately none of these are Freshmen classes, which means that I am able to spend more time with people of my age. 

Also, swimming season is over, so it was time to try out for a new sport. Sara and I decided to do track. I made the team for pole vault [Stabhochsprung] and 400m, and Sara is doing 200m and 400m.

Unfortunately two of our friends, who were exchange students from Brazil, had to leave because their new school year in Brazil started in January. So we went to Zaxby’s and had a little goodbye dinner together. Zaxby’s is a pretty popular fast food restaurant and its speciality fried chicken. I don’t really like it very much though. Whenever we go there, I just order a big house salad with grilled chicken, which is actually pretty good.

Last weekend I had a bonfire with a couple of friends because I turned seventeen. We ate hot dogs, roasted marshmallows and just sat together. The night before my birthday, we had dinner at the Mexican restaurant El Corrizo with the family. It was really good, especially because the waitstaff sang Cumpleaños Feliz for me and decorated me with a huge sombrero and some ice cream in my face. On my birthday itself, I could finally open the package that my family had sent me from Germany. And yes, Mama, it actually arrived how you would have packed it. ;) It was full of German snacks and candy that I really missed! The first thing that I saw, when I woke up in the morning, was a present from Sara. It was a cute little crown and a sash that read “Birthday Princess” and I had to wear it all day in school! That was fun though, because a lot of people, who didn’t even know me, wished me a happy birthday. :)

Furthermore baseball season has started. Many people told me that it’s a game, that’s probably more fun to play than to watch, but now that I kinda understand how it works, I think it will be fun even to watch.

Whenever I wasn’t at school or at practice, I went for a walk outside or just hung out with friends.

Tomorrow, we are going on a short family trip to Atlanta. But neither Sara nor I know, what the plan for the weekend is, because it is a birthday surprise for both of us. I am very excited and think, we’ll have a lot of fun!

I’ll tell you more about that in my next entry. 

For now, have a happy Valentine’s Day!

- Lea

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    Brudiii (Monday, 18 February 2019 17:57)

    Endlich mal wieder ein Blog Eintrag� ich dachte schon, dass du schlapp machst� Schön, dass dein Geburtstag so toll verlief� Genieß den Frühlingsanfang dort.
    LG Meliha�