Those are all my articles of August

First football game

This is the entry I meant to share on August 12. But I forgot to klick the “publish” button... soo you see it now :D

The first week of school was very good. Everybody is nice and the classes are mostly interesting. ;-) Friday night we went to the Football Match of our High School and I watched football for the first time. I really enjoyed it although I didn’t see much of the game because I’ve been talking to soo many people.😅 But it wasn’t a “real game” it was just some kind of pregame before the season starts next week. We won. :)

Mud Riding and First Day Of School

On Friday, August 3, we did a lot of things. We started the day with some lunch at a barbecue restaurant. After lunch we went to the pool together to refresh because it was really hot. When we had swam enough, the girls wanted to show Sara and me some thing that is really fun anthough it sounds silly, of which neither of us had heard before: MUD RIDING. Since we had a lot of rain the days before, there was a muddy area right behind the house. So we took a quart and started riding it through the mud. Then we took some of the mud and formed “mud balls” to throw at each other and nobody stayed clean. It was really fun but afterwards we had a hard time washing all the (ORANGE!!) mud off our bodies and clothes. Well, my toe nails are still a little orange though.😂😂
After those fun activities we went to town, where we first got all the stuff that Sara and I needed from Walmart and after that we had Mexican Tacos for dinner.

Today, August 6, was the first day of school. It was really hard to get to all the four classes on time because the school is super big (as everything here) and it’s very easy to get lost. In my classes are mostly Freshmen (9th graders) because I picked the “intro” classes which almost only Freshmen take... well, but I made some friends and all in all the first day was easier than expected.

Now I’ll go to bed. I just wanted to give you guys a short update. See you soon!

A new beginning

Hi everybody!

Now it’s time. Now the adventure can begin. My flight from Hamburg over Frankfurt to Atlanta went very well without any complications. It was a quite enjoyable journey and I had a nice seat mate. Unfortunately there was a thunderstorm over Atlanta airport right after we landed so we had to wait about an hour until our luggage could be taken out of the airplane. But at least it arrived.🤷🏻‍♀️ 

The only thing left now is to hope that I packed the right clothes😅. Packing did actually go easier than I expected. I was able to bring more than I had on my packing list and with 22,8kg I stayed under the weight limit of 23kg. In addition to my suitcase I carried one bag and a small backpack as hand luggage with me.

After Amanda (my Host Sister) and Carmen (my Host Mother) picked me up I met the rest of the family when we arrived in my new home. Especially the 7 dogs! They were coming at us as soon as we entered the lot haha. Then I unpacked my suitcase and fell into my big bed immediately.

Yesterday (Tuesday, August 1) we went to my High School and I picked my classes for the coming school year. In the evening Carmen and I cooked dinner. Well... she cooked😅 the spaghetti and I made a salad. 

It’s been raining all the time since I arrived. But I think it will stop about next week. At least it’s nicely warm outside.
Today we’ll go to the airport again and pick up my Spanish guest sister Sara. 

Now I’m looking forward to an exciting year!

I’ll write to you soon!