It’s been a while, but April 20th, 2019 was the most stressful and planned day of my life so far. It was PROM DAY. First of all, we slept through our alarm, which brought us about an hour behind. Yeah, pure awesomeness... somehow we still made it to the hairdresser on time by 10 am. Sara and I both wanted up-do’s, which took 1 hour each. But at the end, our hairdresser took a bunch of pictures of the hairstyles until we told her that we really gotta go to stay on schedule hahah. On the way back home, we stopped by Chick-fil-A and got some sandwiches for everybody. 

When we got home, our friends came over and we got ready all together. Then, around 2:30 / 3 pm we took pictures with our parents. After that, we drove over to one of our friends’ house, who didn’t go to prom but is living in a really pretty house. We said hi real quick and took some group pictures there. When we were done with that, we went to dinner at the restaurant 219, where Amanda works. And then, after dinner, it was finally time for what we had all been waiting for. PROM!

Prom started at 7:30 pm but we got there about an hour late, so the “party was already going on”. When we pulled in, we saw a lot of people walking inside the National Infantry Museum (the prom location) in all different kinds of dresses. Some girls had already taken their high heels off and walked inside barefoot. Inside, the prom committee had decorated everything in a “under the moonshine” theme. It was really pretty. They had small Eiffel Towers, that lit up, disco lights shining on the ceiling, and silver glitter cake pops, that looked like the moon. They had also prepared a buffet with fruit, snacks and refreshing drinks.

Prom was a lot of fun, (in my opinion) the music was really good and everybody danced a lot. Around 11 pm, prom ended and we left to go bowling with some friends. When we got home around 1 am, Carmen made breakfast for us and our friends, and we had a great midnight meal. Then it took us about half an hour to get all the bobby-pins out of our hair, but when that was finally done, we went to sleep around 3 am.

It was a lot of fun and wayyyy better than expected, because everybody told us before, that prom last year was super lame and awkward.

But we all had a great night!! It definitely was a night to remember!!

- Lea

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